Math you raw trip!!

We all have learned and heard that unplanned trip comes with its own baggage of surprises, pleasant and not so pleasant. But we created a whole new chemistry,and planned our trip far too much that falling apart of those palns created and brought new adventures and better surprises.

It once started with Bharat’s casual invitation to his razwaaraa gaaon; where he intended to show us his raajsi gharaana. Me and Rackshit were so fed-up with his continuous friendly intimidation of his raajsi thaat and power that we decided to visit his rickety village in Etah, UP and end his charade once and for all. 

That decision had been made almost a month before Holi, and since then till the time we (2/3/4/5/6 people on & off the list of party for the trip) boarded the train the original plan got completely scrapped (Too much planning!!! huh!)

New Plan:

1. We are NOT going to Etah, bur Vrindavan.

2. We are NOT going to stay at a friend’s house, but a swanky service apartment; thanks to Rackshit’s uncle.

3. We are NOT going to VRINDAVAN with religious thoughts at all, but just the opposites.

4. We are NOT going by well-planned and on pre-booked ticket, but in any train in general compartment.


Enough said, let the purpose be the pic upload and few stories behind them.

So, cutting the crap, that too a lot here, finally, Me, Rackshit, Uday and Ashish were the team. Now, enough of words and let pictures speak and me as well in between:

Posing for the start

Trying out really delicious Aloo-tikki, Gol-Gappe, etc (etc has been added because of Rackshit unable to get the cheela, otherwise

he almost had it :) ) Note Ashish pointing, that actually motivated me to take the snap. We even pondered over it for sometime if the sentence sounds offensive or not; obviously it wasn’t meant to be offensive so we voted it in. It’s written “Chandni raat me barsaat buri lagti hai, Raambabu ke bhalle khaate samay har baat buri lagti hai”

Pothra Kund - dry-cleaning place for Bal-Krishna’s undies

Now the world famous click when we returned back after visiting Janam Bhoomi, where we played holi by tricking each other. Till now Rackshit was not aware of his look :D

Ashish and Rackshit waiting on chaarpai for our Vaahan - naao to come to take us across the Yamuna for a visit for seclusion

This is how the other side looked; beautiful

Now from the Vaahan 

Now, my favourite

Ye jo des hai mera, swades hai mera - on the boat

Ab kya kahein in sehri logan ka….kachhu aata hi nhi…arey bhaiya bisleri se bhi swachh paani aata hai isme…hahaha

Well,…it’s not what you must be thinking…we confirmed…thrice. Also, they were in abundance there, so doesn’t make sense..;)

Uday thought us, as per Pooran , a 20 gentle loving strokes on a cow’s neck washes away all your sins…and then!!???

Well, there was a queue; Guess who was the first and desperate to wash tonnes of his sins away :)

You guessed right!!!

One of our very tight buddy from Mathura.

Playing cards at the same khataal -a place around where farm animal are kept, across Yamuna

The farm-owner mixing water in husk for a feed to cows - thank you sir for your kind hospitality and not so encouraging words for not playing juuaa and its legality and all those #$!#!$%^

Just no words - but just let me tell you - this just in front me was so serene and beautiful ; yes this was actually so beautiful. *some of you might not experience that in pic, but I’m sure for every person will if there itself*

What is this??

Well, looks like a shop!!??

Yes, indeed it’s a shop - God! our only relief camp on the other side of Yamuna; and yeah—Tea - rs 10/-

Rackshit, yes we can see your *finger*

Salman himself serving us tea. Well then don’t complain of Tea being very costly at Rs Dus!!!


Waiting for our Vaahan to take us back; and Rackshit will you please stop trying to stand-out in the crowd with you plays with finger!!

And there is comes!!! arre bhaiya thoda jaldi chappu chalao

On the day of Holi; and you know what people and an alien is drinking!!

To let you know, that earthling alien was unstoppable- you can see two glasses in hand and stoned face- although it’s literally stoned!!

Seeing this person washing the colours away, it was really difficult for a other person to resist what he was doing. Tried to explain himself and finally…


Washed away his colours - the colours that brought the most joyous festival of love!! 

And you sit there and you math how raw this trip was…till then!!


“For too long, people have disparaged the emotional brain, blaming our feelings for all of our mistakes. The truth is far more interesting.”
~Jonah Lehrer, from How We Decide
photo by Reilly Dow (Taken with Instagram)


“For too long, people have disparaged the emotional brain, blaming our feelings for all of our mistakes. The truth is far more interesting.”

~Jonah Lehrer, from How We Decide

photo by Reilly Dow (Taken with Instagram)

“It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop.”